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Enterprises of Kanagawa, Japan are interested in investment environment of Vietnam


On July 25th 2014, at the headquarters of Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI), Minister Bui Quang Vinh had a meeting with Mr. Kuroiwa Yuji, Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Attending the meeting, there were Mr. Doan Xuan Hung, Vietnamese Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary in Japan and experts, business’ leaders and related units of MPI.


    Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Kuroiwa Yuji said that many small and medium enterprises of Kanagawa desire to invest in Vietnam now. There are 40 enterprises of Kanagawa investing in Vietnam at this time and will be more ones of Kanagawa in particular and ones of Japan in general being interested in investment in Vietnam. He also proposed several implement strategies to accelerate investment cooperation. Recommending some projects and investment fields, the Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture said that provincial enterprises have got much experience in resolving issues of pollution, climate change, energy. In addition, they also have produced successfully the products for medical and social support such as robots supporting elderly and disabled people, new X-ray technology with high-resolution and low-cost, etc.

    Minister Bui Quang Vinh expressed his welcome and appreciated the investment process in Vietnam of Kanagawa’s enterprises in particular and Japanese ones in general, specifically through researching investment environment and projects, focusing work on schedule. Thereby, the Minister expressed his belief in the seriousness and success of Japanese businesses investing in Vietnam.

    On the same day, a signing ceremony of memorandum of understanding on investment promotion between the MPI and Kanagawa province Government, Japan was taken place. This is an important event opening a new stage of cooperation between the MPI and Kanagawa province, Japan, promoting economic cooperation, especially investment of the province into Vietnam in the coming time.

    Attending the signing ceremony, Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Trung affirmed that Vietnam always attaches importance to and appreciates Japanese investors and creates the best conditions for Japanese projects to operate effectively in Vietnam. He wished there would be a lot of provincial enterprises investing into Vietnam after this signing ceremony of MoU, especially in the province’s strong sectors such as auto industry, electronic industry, information and communication, biotechnology, etc.

    The Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture expressed his desire to boost investment into Vietnam in various fields. This MoU will be a good starting point for cooperation between Vietnam and Kanagawa province./.

(Source:MPI Portal)



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